Welcome to Our Studio

Me!If I'm not taking a photo, I'm thinking about it. I've been an avid photographer for many years, and have been lucky enough to be recognized for my work on numerous occasions. For over twenty years I have also been fortunate enough to be in a business partnership with a notable character, deeply entrenched in the beverage industry. Keeping up has kept us in an atmosphere of perpetual movement and given me more opportunities to take photos than I ever imagined. We are always glad to share samples from our portfolio, take on new projects, and work with new products and recipes, just no bungie jumping please.

Our great studio support staff know the ins and outs of electronic and print media and are always able to make things look the way they should, or better when they need to, and are true professionals every day of the week. When I occasionally get in over my head, our staff keep progress moving, and my work—art.

-Carol Plotkin